Debbie Goodman            artist, writer, storyteller            Vancouver Island, BC
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Debbie is a wildlife artist working out of her home studio in Nanaimo, British Columbia. She creates her pieces entirely from cut and layered art papers sourced from around the world. This technique is derived from the Japanese art form chigiri-e, or painting with paper.  All proceeds from Debbie's artwork are donated to organizations supporting wildlife conservation and animal welfare including Ducks Unlimited Canada, Nature Trust of British Columbia, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Since 2010, she has donated over $200,000.  Debbie has also written and illustrated a children's book entitled 'Wild Observations.'
Nesting Hummingbird
Ruby Throat
Nesting Robins
River Otter
Quail Covey
Nesting Avocet
Bald Eagle
Red Tail Hawk
Horned Owl
Spectacled Owl
Fruit Bat
Wading Avocet.

Bull Moose

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Mobile phone (call or text): 801-230-9051